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Don't take it from us! They made their voices heard and we listened to every word. Beyond Sober was designed from the inside out with your passion, questions, and desire to become better.


Beyond Sober Member

So far you've been speaking to me!

I love that it’s not set times and I can watch your videos when I have time everyday. It allows me to go to work and then come home help my kids with there homework. I can do what I need to do then I can relax and get my mind all focused on your program.

Joni ​

Sober Member

I accept that I have a problem I am NOT the problem.

I am happy. I accept that I am where I am and it is further than I have ever been. I accept the work to be done to get to a better version of me. I accept that I am going to always in a state of healing. I accept that I am not broken.


Sober Member


Accepting that I am not the problem and that I Simply have a problem is the most liberating feeling. I'm a good person who simply had a bad habit.


Sober Member

This is an amazing first video to watch!

I laughed, I teared up, I understood. This means so much to me, I think I have finally found something that is gonna work for me! Thank you


Sober Member

Thank you for showing me a path to better understand & love myself.

"Your impact on people including myself is so powerful. The turning point for me was when you said you aren't going to help, but support. That's when I really started listening. You care about the person and not the problem. I think that was the missing link for me for the longest time. After starting the program for the first time in a long time I wanted to be happy and healthy. This time it did not come from a place of desperation, but desire. Other programs just give you crutches or band-aids where as in Beyond Sober you teach to BE the solid building block and build up from there. THANK YOU"


Early Access Member

I’m soo happy, I’m feeling better too!

"Last week I was drinking 20 beers a day, I have one week in your program and yesterday I reduce at 6, I’m soo happy, thank you soo much!"


Early Access Member


You mean I don’t have to feel responsible for other people’s thoughts, emotions, etc.?! I’m going to be saving so much energy and not being exhausted all the time!


Early Access Member


This was speaking to me.. I need to be happy with myself and accept myself before I even worry about others accepting me!"


Early Access Member

I Think These Misconceptions Are So Powerful!

“We often forget that we don't have to make everyone else happy, it's all about making ourselves happy and focusing on what we really love."


Early Access Member

I think this is super insightful!

"This really gets me thinking about how I live my life. By accepting things that are bad for me I am allowing myself to fall into bad habits but my setting boundaries/not accepting toxic influences I am in control of my life and actions"


Early Access Member

You Are The First Person That Gets What I'm Going Through

"I have been trying off and on for months and I feel like this time I will do it!" 


Early Access Member

This Really Shifted My Perspective!

“It's not external validation I'm looking for - it's acceptance of SELF! The good, the bad, the ugly, and the HAPPY!"


Early Access Member

I Am 60 Years Old And Have Been Drinking Sinse I Was A Child

"I have been trying to get sober for a long time . I am 11 days sober now . I love this program"​


Early Access Member

I like how you say "I’m not forcing you to accept this".

"I believe that you’re giving us the information and what I choose to accept and do with what you’re giving me is up to me".


Early Access Member

I am accepting the past is done and out of my control.

"I'm accepting my new tools for building a better future".


All Access Member

"Wiscokid" or Sean was a wonderful person and a great coach.

"We spoke about my triggers and ways I could use positive actions to battle negative or sad thoughts!! 
At the end of the day you choose the road you take! Much love brother thank you!!!🔥🔥🔥".

  • 20+ Hours Of Modern Sobriety Video

    Sober from alcohol, drugs, toxic thoughts, toxic people, toxic environments, & unhealthy habits

  • Top Sobriety Coaches

    Answers to your burning questions are a message away and apply to work one-on-one with a sober coach

  • 100% Free Fitness Program

    Nutrition guides, at home workouts, free fitness app, access to a professional fitness coach

  • 25 Transformational Ebooks

    Learn to cure your hangovers, practice self love, meditate, find natural depression cures, and time management guides

  • Active Discord Community

    Meet new friends and share your journey with a community of people happily supporting each other

  • Fun & Powerful MarcoPolo Platform

    Meet and share face to face with people just like you on their journey. Find real friends that encourage you to grow.

"Honestly, I don't care about your problems. I care about you — the person behind your thoughts & habits. That's the power behind how I help you overcome addiction".

As a liver failure survivor, Kohdi is the Master Coach behind Beyond Sober. With a mission to help people evolve from where they are, he helps them strengthen the connection to themselves. At Beyond Sober, he empowers individuals to save their own lives in 6 weeks or less.

2017  -  2019

Don't practice waiting until it's too late.


Behind every successful sobriety movement in the world are life coaches who have dedicated their lives to helping others make better choices. These are the leading minds behind the world's most powerful sobriety movement. Each expert has a successful recovery journey and specializes in helping others to break destructive habits and create a life worth living. 

Kohdi Rayne | Master Coach

Kohdi is a 36-year-old liver failure survivor who struggled for 24 years while drinking. Since recovery in 2017, he's inspired the community by launching several successful businesses and is now the founder and lead coach of Beyond Sober, which offers the most effective program for overcoming alcoholism & unhealthy habits. After going viral on TikTok with his incredible approach to sobriety, he's created the most powerful program in the world available today.

Sarah Vincent | ALLIANCE

Like many survivors, Sarah's story is filled with tragedy and triumph. As a former addict with an extensive background of trauma, abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors, she has the unique ability to connect with people where they're at. Her decades of experience as a Recovery Mentor, Counselor, and Advocate for at-risk youth helps her deliver expert advice to this amazing community as a Beyond Sober Coach.

Sean Steiner | WISCOKID

Sean, a 31-year old that survived addictions as far back as the teenage years and has found a new passion in helping people overcome destructive habits. In his role as a Beyond Sober Coach and behavioral health technician, he has devoted himself to developing intervention tools that can effectively help addicts turn their lives around. He has built a career around providing support to recovering addicts so that they are empowered to create positive lifestyles for themselves.

Sammie | Grief Coach

Sammie, a 30-year-old trauma, grief, and addiction survivor. Sammie's story is filled with so much grief, starting with finding her mom passed away at 15. Since then, she has lost at least one person a year. As a former addict with extensive personal experience with grief, loss and self-destructive behavior.  Our Grief Coach delivers amazing advice and helps you cope healthily through the loss of a loved one, relationship, job or a terminal illness. She has worked her whole life to help people get through the tough things through her own personal experiences. 


Quitting a bad habit or developing a healthy relationship with alcohol isn't enough. Beyond Sober prepares you step-by-step for a life beyond sobriety on your own terms.


Think healthy thoughts and develop healthy habits that fuel your sobriety for a lifetime.



Beyond Sober Presents The Power-Packed Program To

Embark On Journey Towards Sobriety With Positivity


"The power-packed Beyond Sober program is a digital learning process to help people go beyond just becoming sober. Sobriety is not just limited to coming clean after detoxifying the body and mind after alcoholism.


This plan helps people focus on making their life more productive after becoming sober in six weeks or less. 


“With our Beyond Sober program, we aim to help you start your journey with step-by-step guidance from life coaches. The steps include acceptance of oneself and taking a stern step to break from the habitual torture.


By developing positive habits, we help people draw a roadmap to build a successful future with 6 modules, including video, e-books, PDFs, and a bonus area of development techniques.


Through 30 videos and 15+ hours of DIY learning, we aim to remove all negative and bad habits to build a success story called YOU,” states Kohdi Rayne, Master Coach at Beyond Sober. 


These coaches have started on a mission to help people make the best choice and break the destructive chain of habits. The digital learning program has already touched the lives of over 200,000+ supporters.


The transformation program also offers a no-questions-asked policy on a 14-day money-back guarantee option. 


The life coaches are already survivors, and they have a unique approach towards enabling others to succeed. They are more cautious about the person behind the habits.


The modules, therefore, are to steer this ‘person’ to come out to sobriety and channelize their thoughts to more productive ways. 


The best reason for this Beyond Sober program to succeed is because the people taking up the course will have mentors watching them throughout.


It will ensure there is never doubt, and one can get all the solutions answered at all times. One can even get lifetime access and unlimited monthly updates to all the material to get round-the-clock motivation." 

 What Is BEYOND SOBER, Really? 

Beyond Sober is a digital program for those who want to stop drinking or eliminate bad habits. It’s a safe place for you to connect practice healthy thoughts in an extremely supportive environment to help you achieve your goals regardless of where you are now.


FINALLY be the HERO of your story...


You're ready to leave the drama, chaos, and distractions of drinking behind, Beyond Sober is there for you every step of the way. We're firm believers that your past doesn't have to define who you are, your future, or what you have to live for.



  • 6 Highly Detailed Modules With Video, Audio, eBooks, PDFs & Downloads To Stop Drinking & Develop Healthy Habits. PLUS BONUS AREA


    Learn advanced mindset and personal growth development techniques used by successful CEO's to amplify the process of transforming your past into an advantage, instead of a disadvantage—powering your future into a life beyond sobriety.

  • 30 Videos & 15+ Hours Of DIY Learning To Eliminate Bad Habits From The Mind Of A Successful Liver Failure Survivor


    Finally have a safe place to spend your time engaging and practicing healthy thoughts and habits — which is just as important as removing the "bored" feeling. This new space is just as important as a spot to relax, take a breather, or occupy one's mind.

  • 6 Sections for Transforming Into The Best Version Of Yourself With Updated Resources & Specific Assignments To Stay Busy & Push Further Through Sobriety


    I'm guiding you through the journey from someone who is stuck in their past and practicing unhealthy habits to a superhuman capable of processing their past and transforming into who you truly want to become.

  • A Powerful Accountability System & Discord Community Supporting Your Success So Your Progress Gets The Proper Attention It Deserves


    You'll never feel alone or have a question unanswered. This highly sophisticated program monitors your progress and rewards you for your accomplishments. Participate in a one-of-a-kind community with us and you'll be celebrated for your successes.

  • Private & Anonymous Access To Beyond Sober Coaches & The Possibility Of One-On-One Coaching To Combat The Most Difficult Steps Of Your Journey


    Now you can share your thoughts openly and get immediate personal results without worrying about how others will judge you. You now have a place where you can unload and unpack new ideas without feeling like a nervous wreck.

  • Lifetime Access & Unlimited Monthly Updates to All New Material So You'll Never Have To Rely On Anyone But Yourself Ever Again


    No matter what is happening in your everyday life, you should be able to replay the motivational material that's right for you. You have the power to move forward, and you shouldn't feel pressured to change from your current pace.

  • Daily Reminders, Water Breaks, Shout Outs, and Celebrations As You Become Superhuman While Designing A Life Worth LOVING


    You'll be more excited every day as we celebrate your accomplishments. We will throw digital parades at all your milestones and share life changing moments with you privately and a community too. Finally develop that healthy outlook on life you've always wanted!


How To Practice Drinking Less Alcohol Safely


You get good at anything you practice. This includes drinking alcohol. Do not let this confuse you with the Illusion of “Being good at drinking alcohol”. This is the science behind becoming a cheap date.


You're Already Doing It. We're Here To Help.

Beyond Sober is a 6-week online coaching program that teaches you how to live a sober life on your own terms. No more sitting in a room and repeating stories that pull you deeper into depression or finding reasons to relate to other people's trauma


"Alcohol is the only prison where the locks are on the inside".


We help you go beyond sobriety and into a life where you are filled with passion, compassion and empathy. When you are feeling compassion towards others and yourself, there is no way you can be sad or depressed.


Hundreds of thousands of people started EXACTLY where you are and are actively improving their quality of life and finding reasons NOT to punish themselves with alcohol & unhealthy habits. 

It's Not About Fixing The Problem, We Help You Fix Why It Happens.

Empathy is about seeing the world from someone else's point of view and applying that understanding to help them. That's the perspective we use to help you understand yourself and why you continue the habits you do.


Compassion is about recognizing suffering and taking action to remove it. Beyond Sober teaches you these skills in order to help you overcome any problem that comes your way with practical thinking and positive action.


Practice + Purpose = Beyond Sober


Teach yourself through empathetic storytelling, motivation, and practical tips to transform your thoughts and become the best version of yourself in 6 weeks or less.

  • Get to know who you really are, what you really want, and kick those unhealthy habits to the curb.

  • Learn how to examine information and determine the most beneficial approach in any circumstance.

  • Get control of your emotions and learn to apply them in all the right areas of life in a simplistic way.

  • Take your life back, discover how much value you hold, practice self love and share your journey with others.

  • Never feel alone when, become your best friend, and love experiencing your mind in a healthy way.

  • Build a simplistic daily routine around who you want to be instead of your problem and master your mindset.

  • Experience the power of listening to your deepest thoughts and use it to become healthier and more expansive every day.

  • Finally, let go of the past, process your trauma in a productive way, and learn to grow through what you go through.

If You Do The Same Things, You Get The Same Results

Alcoholism and drug abuse is the repercussion of habitual practices. Beyond Sober offers an organic approach to recovery that has nothing to do with the substance and everything to do with practice. Everything from your diet, to your thoughts, to your schedule, to your activities plays a role in liberating you to live a sober life.


You can't be the same person and expect a different must evolve into someone even better.


Beyond Sober provides the support you need to free yourself from addiction and the prison of unhealthy thinking. From nutrition, to fitness, to career advice, we've designed an experience unlike any other to get out of the hole and into an empowering life beyond sobriety. All from home.

  • MODULE 1: The Power Of Acceptance - It's not about calling yourself an alcoholic or exclaiming to the universe that you're an addict. It's about accepting that you've got an issue and you're ready to become a better version of you.

  • MODULE 2: Life Is Habitual - 90% of life is based in the habits we've created intentionally and accidentally. We're going to deep dive into how you've developed the habitual thinking and why you've gotten great at practicing those habits. 

  • MODULE 3: Developing Healthy Habits - It's a simple as DRNK WATR. Develop one of the most powerful healthy habits in real time with Kohdi as you begin reprogramming your unhealthy habit with something that will save your life.

  • MODULE 4: Back To The Future - Learn how to process your past in a healthy way without rewarding your emotions with alcohol or unhealthy thinking. You are not your trauma!

  • MODULE 5: Tripling Down On What You Love - Generate a passion and practice self love while amplifying your desires with progress. Learn how to focus ONLY on what moves you forward.

  • MODULE 6: Becoming Unstoppable - These are the elements the most successful people in the world use to design a life they love and accomplish everything they put their mind to. Some of the most powerful people in the world started right where you are. It's YOUR turn.


No matter how far down the rabbit hole you are I want to help you get back on your feet. Click the button below to receive a complimentary copy of the hottest strategies in mental health recovery and learn how to take control of your emotions and live a happier, healthier, more successful life.

"Healthy people help other people succeed and that's why I've set you up for success. I'm your biggest fan & want to see you win!"

My personal battle with depression, anxiety, addiction, and alcoholism has led me to develop a program that provides guidance for people struggling with all of these issues. Beyond Sober is designed strategically to work with your struggles that have been left unaddressed for too long.

  • Learn exactly how I reprogrammed my mind from completely miserable to superhuman in under 6 months

  • Develop the same unstoppable habits I use to work for you and your experience to help accomplish more than ever before

  • Get exclusive access to the mindset techniques I teach CEO's, entrepreneurs, and highly motivated to accomplish more

  • Unlock the practices I use to absorb more information, live healthier, and control my emotions in every situation


Click Here To Join The Beyond Sober Program & Design A Life You Love!

Beyond Sober helps you become the best version of yourself in 6 weeks or less without the fear of failure

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